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August 13, 2019


We are the work horses of our society.  We are the nurturers, the caregivers, the mama bears and the revolutionaries.  We hold each other up, when others try to hold us down.  We are the beginning of life just as we are often there at the end of life.  We are the...

March 4, 2019

We are fast approaching spring, the time of renewal and new beginnings. We begin to think about spring cleaning, getting rid of those things we no longer need and clearing out the clutter from within our homes.  Spring is also the perfect time to do a little clearing o...

December 28, 2018

The end of December is a time for reflection on all we've achieved this past year, as well as noticing all the stuff we feel we need to stop doing.  This is when we set all these resolutions for things we want to stop doing or change in the coming year.   Here's the th...

December 17, 2018

 Christmas is almost upon us, and I wanted to share an experience I had that was directly related to spreading kindness and how it can spread infectiously.

I've had a Spread Kindness calendar on my refrigerator since December 1st. I put these things up as a reminder to...

November 24, 2018

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and were able to appreciate all the love, joy, friendships and blessings that fill your life everyday.  I personally spent the day sharing meals with the needy and then going to a friend's house for their 'Friendsgiving".   I...

November 13, 2018

 Gratitude isn't just about being grateful for what you have - whether that is physical objects, people in your life, or philosophical experiences - it's also about receiving - receiving the gratitude and love from others as well.

The beautiful thing about gratitude is...

November 7, 2018

It's the month of Thanksgiving here in the US and everyone and their brother is talking about gratitude.  Myself included!

Tis the season to be thankful for all the blessings in our lives.  There are a few types of people in the world,  some only really take time to ref...

November 1, 2018

Welcome to November

This month will be all about gratitude and the amazing things that gratitude can bring to your life.

To get us started - here are a few gratitude calendars that you might be able to incorporate into your daily routine for the month of November.


October 31, 2018

Today, we are bringing those pesky shadows, those dark sides of our self,  into the light. From my previous blog posts we spoke about different aspects about discovering your shadows, now we are going to bring it into the light and embrace or release these sides of our...

October 26, 2018

Shadows - no one likes to think there are things buried deep within themselves that are negatively impacting their lives.  We all want to believe that we are amazing and flawless creatures - even if we rationally know that it is impossible to be perfectly light without...

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