Feeling overwhelmed? Try clearing the clutter!

Having moved twice in ten months, I know a little something about being overwhelmed by the amount of boxes and clutter surrounding me. I find that if my home is not tidy, my brain is as messy as the atmosphere. I get anxious, confused and am easily overwhelmed by things that shouldn't be all that overwhelming. When I look up, I notice I'm surrounded by STUFF! And with stuff, comes anxiety. Wednesday Wisdom If you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious when you're in your home, look around. If you have stuff littering your counters, overstuffing your drawers - maybe it's time to do a little spring cleaning and junk the junk. Donate clothes you haven't worn in the last year, toys your kids h

New Beginnings... again

I appreciate you're patience with me for the last month or so as I purchased and moved into my new home. I have never bought a house on my own before, and man, is it a lot of work. When I went through this ordeal last time, I had a husband, no kids, and a lot more free time than I do now. When I started looking for a new house back in April, in the crazy economic home buying market in Denver, Colorado, I never imagined I'd find the house in two weeks and close on the house in less than 30 days. So here I was, trying to work as a part-time single parent, continue building my new business and keep all the other ten balls in the air when I realized, I needed to prioritize and let a couple thi


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