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Tuesday Tip - Obliterating Obstacles

Obliterating Obstacles

One thing that really holds us back in life and achieving our goals is the limiting beliefs or all the reasons why you can’t do something. My Tuesday Tip for obliterating obstacles that we tend to put in our own way is to make a list of them.

  1. For any goal you want to accomplish, write down the goal. -Goals should be written in present tense, be time based and be something you can actually control.

  2. Beneath the goal, write down one objection you have or reason why you can’t accomplish the goal.

  3. Keep writing down objections until you run out of reasons why you may not be able to meet your goal.

  4. After you’ve written down your objections, write down at least one way you can overcome that problem.

  5. Do this for as many objections you wrote down in step 3.

When you’re done, you’ll see all the ways you are holding yourself back. All the different ways we tell ourselves we are incapable of accomplishing something. And where there’s a will, there’s a way!


Goal: To learn conversational Spanish by signing up for a continuing education class at the local community college by the Summer Session that begins on June 4, 2018.

Obstacle: I may not have the money to pay for the class.

Solution: To cover the cost of the class, I will work the Saturday shift at the restaurant that no one wants to work. I will approach my boss tomorrow to volunteer for that shift.

Obstacle: The class is four hours on Tuesdays, and my kids usually have school, but what if one of them gets sick?

Solution: To address the issue of childcare, I will talk to my neighbor, Jennifer. Her kids walk to the bus at the same time and it would be easy to add her as an approved person to pick up my child at the school. I will make sure she is added tomorrow when I go to the school.

You get the picture. It’s so easy for us to create real and imaginary obstacles to achieving our goals. Give this a try on one of your more stubborn goals and see how it goes.

Remember, it’s important to celebrate your wins to! Don’t get frustrated if it takes a while. Celebrate the small achievements, as those help keep you motivated as you move through your action steps to ultimately accomplish your goals.

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