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Surviving the Tough Stuff

Life is all about change. The ebb and flow of wonderful adventures mixed with heartbreak and struggle. How do you handle the tough stuff when you run into the downward turn of the wheel of fortune?

For me, I usually go through a couple of phases that eventually turns me around.

My first, knee jerk reaction, is usually to use a sting of profanity under my breath while gritting my teeth and thinking life can’t get worse.

Now here is something to be aware of – if you focus on your life and that it can’t get any worse – what usually ends up happening? Yes, something else falls apart and you wonder – WHAT ELSE UNIVERSE?? Now don’t get me wrong, I usually allow myself a short period of time to be angry, sad, frustrated or whatever other negative emotions come up. This allows me to release these emotions so that I can move onto a more productive mindset. Once I wallow for my permitted period of time, I put my big girl pants on and switch my frame of mind.

This is where I start to turn the wheel around towards the positive. Remember, there is always someone’s life worse off than yours. I only say this because it is easy to stay stuck in the victim mindset, that life has it out for you. I've found that if you can understand that life is so much bigger than you and that you have so much to be grateful for in this life, even when it feels like it's all falling apart - it helps keep you in a heart centered place. Now is the time where you need to change your state of mind. Sure, your transmission might have just blown on your car, but ‘ bright side’, you work at a job that is near the metro line. Once you’ve given yourself permission to be angry, you will have an easier time putting the spin on your thoughts.

After moving your mindset away from worst case scenario, you can then start on formulating your plan. When you have a plan, you feel in control and you’ll find your blood pressure will go down, the steam in your ears will subside and you will be able think a bit more clearly.

For me, with an action plan, I can turn just about any bad day into something so much more.


  • It’s okay to get angry, but then – let it go.

  • Focus on the positives – put a spin on your day.

  • Formulate a strategy/action plan – make a list, figure out what you need to do next.

  • Do, create, resolve, release – Act on your plan, kick ass and take names!

That’s how I spin my wheel of fortune - I’d love to hear how you handle the tough stuff!

Drop me a comment – Tell me your personal strategies when all seems to go wrong.

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