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Motivation Monday - How to get over the hump!

Today's topic for Motivation Monday is "How do I get over the hump?"

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, July is all about Mindful Wellness and this month I'm taking part in a six week health challenge that includes a strict meal plan and exercise program. I'm not one who normally diets, so this is all very new to me.

Last Monday, I was feeling good, excited to jump start my fitness and nutrition goals I'd set for myself, and it went pretty well. Then Tuesday and Wednesday came along and I was feeling bitter and angry about the foods I had to give up for the next six weeks, not to mention I had my kids this week, which meant I was making two meals every night, one for me and one for the kids, and with the Fourth of July, I couldn't partake in any of my beloved BBQ favorites. NOT FUN!

When I was at my Burn class, I made this comment to another woman who was there, stating how grumpy I was over giving up coffee and a few other things that make me a much more civil person to live with. She gave me some simple suggestions on how to either change up how I ate or a substitution that would work almost as well as the real thing.

Now this may sound ridiculously easy, but it never occurred to think outside the box on some of this. I was focused on the all or nothing instead of realizing that by simply tweaking my all or nothing stance to a little bit gray, I ended up a WHOLE LOT HAPPIER in the long run.

Once I pared down my coffee to a 1/2 a cup with a tiny amount of sugar, I felt like it was a treat and really perked my entire mood up and I felt like this challenge was one I could complete successfully. Seriously, of all the foods I had to give up, by simply figuring out a way to have my beloved morning coffee changed my entire attitude about the challenge. I wasn't grumpy or angry about what I was giving up, and instead focused on how great I was going to feel and look when it was all over. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to get you back on track.

If you're struggling to get over the hump of your goal and feeling more discouraged than positive about completing your mission, try one of the below and see if you get get yourself back on track.

* Take a step back - look at the problem from a 10,000' viewpoint

* Talk to someone - often people may have great suggestions to help you get around your obstacle holding you back from achieving your goal.

* Celebrate the success you've already had - see how far you've come. This will help you change your attitude and bring you back around to feeling better about overcoming your obstacle.

Remember, life is a journey and some days you're going to have better days than others. Focus on the positives when you can and you can turn your mood around.

And as always, hang in there and if you find yourself stuck and needing additional support, contact me for a free exploratory session on how Holistic Life Coaching can ignite your life into something truly magical!

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