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Motivation Monday - The Power of No!

We've all heard about the power of yes. Sondra Rhimes even wrote a book called the "Year of Yes" - but do you know how powerful the ability to say no is?

Today's Monday Motivation is all about the power of no - from learning how to say it, when to say it and that you always have the right to say it.

As kids, we all go through phases where our favorite word is NO! Over time societal norms slowly change us from saying no to everything, to saying yes to things that you would prefer to say no to. From working late, taking over someone's shift even though you've worked three doubles this week already, to agreeing to pick up someone else's child up from football practice when you really just want to go home and stop playing taxi for the day.

All of these things slowly suck the life out of you and many of us just don't know how to say no to others. Whether it is fear of disappointing someone, or never knowing when you might need a favor from someone else in return. It's all slowly draining you and making you cranky and tired.

Absolute NO!

You should always say no if you're:

Sick &/or Tired

Stressed &/or Overwhelmed

You are too busy to complete your own to do list

Not Your Problem NO!

You always have the right to say no when:

It's someone else's issue.

You're feeling taken advantage of.

It's something you just don't want to do.

There's something else you'd MUCH rather be doing.

When it takes away from your values and wishes.

When you need some time to your self.

When your have other priorities that take precedence.

Why can't you say NO?

There are lots of reasons why why people perceive thay can't say no.

What are yours? What are your beliefs around people who say no vs. people who say yes? Do you perceive your needs lower than the person you're saying yes to? What are you afraid of if you say no?

The key is to always remember what you're saying yes to, and evaluate if you're putting someone else's needs above your own. Sometimes it's necessary to prioritize yourself over others. As I mom, I realize how difficult this can be, but try saying NO a few times when you normally would have automatically said yes and see how it goes.

Drop me a comment and let me know why you have a hard time saying NO!

And remember - reach out if you need assistance in getting your priorities aligned, help setting goals or just feeling like you have more ot offer the world than you're getting out of it right now. I can help!

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