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Be a Motivation Megastar!

Sometimes, procrastination just needs a little kick in the pants to get a move on out of your life. I'm sure you're saying - but Michele, that sounds all well and good, but how do I actually get motivated and stay motivated to stay on task?

I'm here to tell you some simple ways to get motivated to do your thing and that sometimes, it might even mean using inattention to be attentive. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but check out my top SIMPLE ways to get motivated.

1. Get into the Groove!

I LOVE music. Anyone who knows me or spent time in my car with me knows that I will jam out to just about anything on the radio. My home is rarely without tunes wafting through the air and depending on the task at hand - it's used to increase my focus and productivity. For instance, housework or cooking. In order to get motivated to do either of those things - I need the right playlist to get me through - something upbeat, happy and cheerful. Need to study, focus or requires intense concentration - that is more like piano, classical or ambient sounds. So pick your playlist to match your task and see your results improve!

2. Doodling isn't for Dummies!

When you see someone doodling in the margins of their paper during a conference call, or an intense lecture, don't assume they aren't paying attention. Some people, including those with ADD, need something to do with their hands to allow their brains to focus on the lecture. Doodling also releases tension and can often bring inspiration for a new business, opportunity or incredible idea. Don't discount this practice. Give it a whirl the next time you're zoned out during one of your bosses neverending calls.

3. Figure out your Fear

Many of us have a fear of failure, that only exacerbates our procrastination tendencies. We are so afraid we're going to fail that we don't even start the project. Some of us, myself included, also have a fear of success - which is a horrible merry-go-round of excuses and procrastination tactics. For this step we're going to meditate, but before you sit down to do that, set your intention and ask your higher self (you, only better) - what am I so afraid of? Set this in the back of your mind to ponder over, and then sit quietly and meditate for a set period of time. See what thoughts pop into your head. Write them down so you don't forget. Try this exercise for a few days in a row. Once you have a list of your reasons why you can't possibly succeed - write down a corresponding positive statement telling yourself why you CAN do it. Every morning for a week or two, read these positive affirmations out loud to yourself and see how you feel. The goal is to retrain your thoughts to combat these fears. Don't let your mind sabotage you into thinking you are stuck and deserve to be where you are. You can take each day as it comes and steadily move towards accomplishing all the goals you have in life!

4. Act on Inspiration!

Somedays, you feel like you can take on the world, other days - not so much. When you feel inspiration strike, write it down, act on it. This little Ah Ha! moments are little glimpses into your subconscious and guess what, it's trying to tell you something. When you get that inspired idea, write it down and make a plan of action. Don't wait - sometimes these ideas are time sensitive and you can miss that brass ring because you were too focused on staying on the horse. I highly recommend you carry around a notebook to capture these thoughts as they come to you. You can also use a note taking app on your phone if that works better for you.

5. Deliver on a Deadline!

I've already touted the benefits of making a list and triaging them by priority in my previous post about procrastination. Once you have your list created and prioritized, set yourself a deadline. This can be real or self-determined, however once you set that deadline, treat it like you would any other deadline for your job or school. Forcing yourself to adhere to a date &/or time, will also keep you motivated and on task. If you need a little extra motivation, write the deadline down with the reward you're going to give yourself for accomplishing it ON TIME. This can be as big or small of a reward as you like - but often our minds like to work on a rewards basis, so don't be shy about bribing yourself. It works for kids and dogs and can work for you too!

Next time you're feeling stuck or lacking the motivation to get started or staying focused, try these tips out.

Remember, if you ever need some greater assistance with getting your life on track and meeting the goals you've always wanted to accomplish, reach out to me. I CAN help you!

Until next time - stay productive!


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