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October - (not so) Spooky Shadow Work

With the change of the seasons, so does our natural human cycle of introspection begin. This month, our focus will be on examining our dusty old beliefs and negative traits that we're carrying around with us and figuring out ways to let them go or change them to improve our lives.

This type of reflection is often referred to as 'Shadow Work' and while some fear looking into their dark side, there really isn't anything sinister about it. We're trying to see ourselves completely. No one is all 'good' or all 'bad' - even though I hate using those very black and white terms in this discussion. It is like looking at the Yin & Yang symbol - each side carries a little bit of the other, and so are we.

We all carry around shadows, and many of these we picked up in our early childhood. When you were a child, you learned what was 'right' and 'wrong' from your parents, teachers and other adults in your lives. These imprinted into your consciousness, helping to create your value and belief system. Some of these beliefs are no longer true or helpful in our adult lives. When we don't face the shadows of ourselves, we allow them to perpetuate and become deeply ingrained into our daily lives and may be holding you back from living a truly amazing life.

Think about some of the traits in other people that bother you the most. Did you take offense to someone being rude to you, or not holding the door open for you? We often see in others that which we do not want to see in ourselves. The behaviors we dislike the most are some of those we haven't addressed in ourselves. Now, I'm sure you're saying - but Michele, that's not possible. I am not rude! I don't know what you're talking about.

Here's the thing about shadows - they are hidden deep beneath our ego and the reason it's called a shadow - is because we don't see it in ourselves.

Working on your shadow self can benefit your life in so many different ways.

1. Improve your relationship with others - by doing this work, you not only see your own dark side, but forgive the dark side of others easier as well. You'll find yourself not being so easily triggered by behaviors that were once so infuriating.

2. Greater self awareness - As Socrates once said "to know thyself is the beginning of wisdom." This will help you to be more authentic in your life. You won't feel 'lesser' or 'greater' than your fellow humans - but you will find greater peace in who you are in the present moment. You may even find you have greater compassion for others as well.

3. Gain inspiration and energy - You know those days where you feel, energetically, that you're carrying a weight on your shoulders. When getting out of bed is hard work and the thought of being creatively inspired is laughable. By working on your own shadows, you'll discover that heavy weight becomes lighter, and lighter. Your creative inspiration will soar, having removed the blocks that have been keeping you stifled.

4. Greater wisdom - With maturity, comes wisdom - and when you are mature enough to deal with the shadows you've been carrying around for so long, it will also bring you great wisdom and insight into who you are and how you got here. Here, stuck in the swamp of old outdated beliefs and negative traits. It will also help you figure out how to move forward in the direction you want to go in the future.

Over the course of the month of October, I will be writing about ways to look inside yourself to discover what your shadows are, but also give you different methods to release and clear them.

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And as always, if you ever need a little assistance in your life, I'm here to help!

Until next time!


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