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Seeing Shadows - getting started

Now that you know what shadow work is, and the benefits to resolving these, let's dig into the topic further.

First, I want to remind you all that by seeing your shadow, you can heal those parts of you that are not consistent with who you want to be. In seeing your shadow, you shine the light on to it and give yourself awareness to these hidden parts of you. You'll be surprised by how much you can heal and transform by just being aware of these traits.

  • Be neutral - When you begin this process, you want to make sure you are in a neutral headspace. You want to be calm, focused, and centered. If you are upset or emotional about something going on in your life, you won't be able to see clearly.

  • You also want to let go of any fear, judgement and expectations on what you're going to discover.

  • If you fear what you're going to find, you will block off this discovery. Remember, fight or flight - if you fear, you will flee and block yourself from seeing what is currently hidden.

  • If you expect a certain outcome, you're also limiting what you might discover. Let go of the need to control the outcome. You'll be amazed at some of the things you'll discover if you allow yourself to be open to the results.

  • If you are judging yourself for what you discover, you'll stop digging. Be compassionate and kind to yourself. These shadows are some that you've been carrying around for almost your entire life. Many come from our childhoods, even if we've had a charmed life. They still exist. Don't be so hard on yourself during this process. If you get stuck, imagine you're watching your life like a movie on a screen. It helps you stay detached enough to see what needs to be revealed without the ego getting in the way.

  • Allow yourself to be completely honest. Remember, this shadow work is solely for yourself. If you're lying to yourself, you're the one hanging on to the shadow. No one else can do the work and if you're not honest, you might as well not dig in there. This work can be amazingly transformative - but only if you allow yourself to be brave and hear the truth - all of it.

  • Lastly, create a journal or notebook that is used solely for writing down your discoveries. Jot down your findings and reflect back upon these discoveries from time to time. You can write down your feelings about it, the changes you're making and how it is affecting your life. This is for you, so write, draw, create it however will be useful for you to use when you need to refer back to it.

To recap:

  1. Start from a neutral, calm mindframe

  2. Let go of fear, judgement, and expectations

  3. Be kind to yourself

  4. Be honest

  5. Create a journal or notebook to capture your results

Next week I'll be posting various exercises you can do to really dig into your triggers. That soft underbelly you try to keep hidden - sometimes not very successfully.

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