Block Busting - Platinum Package

Clear Away The Obstacles

Dig deep into the junk drawer of life and start clearing away the emotional clutter that is holding you back. This package will give you the tools to figure out what in your past is keeping you from being successful in the present.  Clear those obstacles, eliminate self sabotaging habits.


Platinum Package - 6 month 

1 x 90 Min Intake / Intial Review Session

1 x 90 Min midway Regroup Session

22 x 60 Min Coaching Sessions

2 Intuitive Oracle/Tarot Card Readings for insight and guidance

Receive weekly accountability check-ins- via email, text or call

Visualization Exercises

LIfe Evaluation and Visualization Tools

Fear Discovery and Overcoming Obstacles

Guided Meditations

Guide to Releasing Fears/Objections/Obstacles




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