Goal Setting - Where to Start?

September 4, 2018



The month of August was all about overcoming procrastination.  Were you able to conquer your bad habits?  - Because this month is all about Goal Setting.  We're going to touch upon the art of defining your goals, how to create them, act upon them and achieve them. 


Today we're going to delve into figuring out where we want to go in life.  If you don't know what you are hoping to accomplish, it's difficult to create the goals and actions to get you there. 


So how do you set goals?  Now I'm not talking about the short term goals that we all set to complete a project, or homework in the next day or week or so.  I'm talking about long term goals - Ten year, five year, one year, six months - that sort of thing.  


Once we reach adulthood, many of us don't daydream about what are lives are going to be like when we get older like we do when we're children.   


 Today's goal is to dream a little dream.  

  1. Sit and visualize yourself at the age of ninety.

  2. What would you be telling your grand kids, your friends who you play cards with on Sunday nights?

  3. What are you most proud of achieving in your life?

  4. What about the relationships you had in your life?

  5. Who are you as a person?  

  6. What has given you great joy and fulfillment?

  7. Visualize how your life unfolded in all the different areas of your life - family, friends, career, significant other, home, and health?

  8. What did you do for fun?  What are you most grateful for?

Now write it down.  All of the things you imagined.  All the little things you visualized as bringing you happiness, success, and fulfillment.  


Once you have your list, stay tuned for my next post - where we'll take your imaginary life and turn it into actionable goals and those dreams into reality!


Drop me a comment and tell me all about where you see yourself when you're old and gray!  


Until next time,




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